DXM – Design and Experimental Material Research is the research facility of the Textile and Surface Design Department at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. It combines material development and design aiming for meaningful solutions to current challenges of our society and environment. In today’s technological and socio-cultural context, materials are placed in settings that enable new cross-connections and combinations in technology and content. Our experimental practice-led approach enables innovative processes linking novel fields of application within the context of product, body and space. An active research network and interdisciplinary collaborations with leading institutions from science and industry facilitate innovative concepts that combine design, technology and application.




Student Assistants

Stefanie Eichler

Student Assistant

Research consortium smart3  Adaptex

Samira Akhavan

Student Assistant

Textile Prototyping Lab

Joy Weinberger

Student Assistant

Textile Prototyping Lab

Esther Stögerer

Student Assistant

Sound Adapt

Juni Neyenhuys

Student Assistant


Elena Eulitz

Student Assistant 

Textile Prototyping Lab

Associated Researcher

Agata Kycia

PhD Candidate

3D Printing On Textiles As Means Of Material-Informed Design Strategy For Performative Building Envelopes

Julia Danckwerth

PhD Candidate

Strategien der Sichtbarkeit und Sichtbarmachung von Wearable Enhancement im Bereich Smart Health

Julia Wolf

Research Associate

research consortium smart3, smart materials satellites, smart tools 4 smart design, start smart

Christian Müller

Researcher, Experimental Materials Research

Research consortium futureTEX  Textile Prototyping Lab